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Marie e-mailed us to describe her visit to Wardle with Dave:
I would just like to say a BIG thank-you to you all at the Wardle History Group.

We had travelled to Wardle to try to trace some family history, namely farm addresses and a grave.

We arrived on a very wet Tuesday, 28th July 2009 to find that all the information we had led to blind alleys. My partner Dave felt so disheartened he wanted to go home. Trying to keep his spirits up, we parked outside the Methodist Church and sat for a while.

A lone lady was walking by, so I asked Dave to go and ask for help. BOY, I'm glad he did. She was very helpful. Not knowing the information we asked, she rang her friend, who was poorly in bed but who turned out to be the BIGGEST HELP POSSIBLE. She told us of your group.

Feeling a bit more positive, we went back to our soggy tent, all the while talking about what info we could get in the morning.

Wednesday, 28th July 2009: the weather was not much better, but it had dried a little. We found your group and were welcomed as though we were old friends. We asked a couple of members if they knew of the addresses, but it wasn’t until Terry walked in that it all snowballed.

One address we were trying to find turned out to be Terry’s brother’s farm! WOW, I’m sure Dave’s dad was looking down on us that day. We also found Dave’s grandma’s grave and all the other addresses we were searching for. We were given information on the address, directions and advice on where to go for more help.

Well, Terry and your team, we visited all the addresses, found grandma’s grave, her address and grandad’s last address. We found his death certificate and an obituary in an old newspaper. Sadly, we did not find his grave. He is Charles Edward Clough, who died 21st October 1949 at his home (153 Ramsden Road, Wardle).

Since returning to Leicestershire, I have found a couple more relations to add to the family tree. Their surname is Burrill.

For me, the quest goes on. For Dave, I think he’s perfectly happy with the places he’s visited, the people he’s met and his memories of those few days in Wardle, Lancashire.

Many, many thanks for you help. I will stay in touch. As and when I find more information, I will be the first to send it to you.

Marie Brown - David Clough’s partner.

PS   I have attached some pictures of the places we visited. Please feel free to use them.
(Marie and David’s photos from their visit are in the next section)