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The Clough family
Charles Edward Clough (Dave’s grandad) farmed in 1901 at Hursted Nook farm, with his father James, mother Mary, sisters Mary and Alice and brother Jas. Jas died in 1916 in the war and is buried, we think, in France.

In the same year, Dave’s grandma (Jane Greenwood) was farming at Nick Road Farm with her family: dad William, mum Elizabeth, brothers Ernest, Hugh, John William, Samuel, Thomas and sister Mary. Jane Greenwood married twice, first to ??? Howard. This ended in divorce but there were two children: Albert and Ruth Howard. Albert emigrated to Canada.

Jane’s second marriage, to Dave’s grandad Charles Edward Clough, took place on 12th November 1928 at Haslingden registry office. From this marriage came Dave’s dad Charles (18th May 1929 - 17th March 2007).

Charles left Wardle at 18 to join the navy and served for several years, working on early radar systems. He then stayed in London where he met Dave’s mum (Mary). They were married in 1957 and settled in South London. Charles spent most of his professional life as a Lecturer in Electrical Engineering, having worked previously on the Blue Streak missile system. From this marriage were three children: Robert, Kay and Dave. Dave’s mum, Mary, still lives in the south of England.

In 1911, Charles Edward and Jane Clough farmed at Roads farm, Wardle with Charles’s mother Mary and sisters Mary (now a teacher) and Alice (domestic help). Records held by the History Group show that they delivered milk to Rochdale.

We understand that around 1930 the farm had to be vacated, probably because of blasting for the construction of Watergrove reservoir.

Charles Edward Clough’s death certificate shows his home as 153 Ramsden Road, Wardle. We visited that house during our visit and were very kindly shown around by its current owner, who is renovating the property. Charles Edward Clough died on 21st October 1949, aged 68.

Jane Clough died on 28th September 1957, aged 71. Her last address was 136 Ramsden Road. She is buried at St James (photos here, here and here).

Details have been found this month (August 2009) of a marriage between Alice (Charles Edward’s sister) to Henry Burrill. So far, we know of four children from this marriage: Alice (1919), Gladys (1920), William (1922) and Joan (1925). Perhaps there are living relatives of these children, who would be a link for Dave to his father’s past.