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Entry ID House Street / place Surname First
Family details Comments
c1925/30_001 Scotch Cote FarmKeatingPat came from N Ireland
c1925/30_002 Scotch Cote FarmFoxJohn came from N Ireland
c1925/30_003 Scotch Cote FarmSmethurst   
c1925/30_004 Crook FarmsKilpatrick  also from Ireland
c1925/30_005 Crook FarmsRhodesWilfrid  
c1925/30_006 Crook FarmsAndersonFrances  
c1925/30_007 The Hills FarmAllenTommy  
c1925/30_008 Bank Hey FarmDeardens   
c1925/30_009 Bank Hey FarmHamer Bros  also took milk with horse and cart
c1925/30_010 Hey Barn FarmBarkerTommy also took milk with horse and cart
c1925/30_011 Lower Dobbin FarmVincent   
c1925/30_012 Hey FarmKenyon   
c1925/30_013 Hades FarmJonesFrancissons Ernest & Arthur 
c1925/30_014 Higher Hades FarmCoupe   
c1925/30_015 Higher Hades FarmHindley   
c1925/30_016 Flag Alley   Empty
c1925/30_017 Hades HillKendrew   
c1925/30_018 Far Hades FarmDobsonCharlie  
c1925/30_019 Far Hades FarmHaighs   
c1925/30_020 Meadow Nook FarmMarsden   
c1925/30_021 Meadow Nook FarmFern Ernest,Walter,Jessie 
c1925/30_022 Meadow Nook FarmJackson  From Manchester
c1925/30_023 Meadow Nook FarmSawfordHarry  
c1925/30_024 Middle Hill Farm  2 women, 1 known as Gertie 
c1925/30_025 Lee FarmWhaleyArthur  
c1925/30_026 Crey Pasture FarmCollins sons Albert & Joe,daughter Nellieworked Brights
c1925/30_027 Roads FarmCloughCharlieWilfrid,Lizzie & Alicealso took milk to rochdale
c1925/30_028 Brown Wardle FarmTopham sons Harry&Leonard,daughters Madge&Connie 
c1925/30_029 High WardleTaylors   
c1925/30_030 High Alderbank FarmJones sons Pryce,John,Clifford also daughter 
c1925/30_031 Alderbank FarmWood 3 daughters 
c1925/30_032 Lower House FarmTunstall   
c1925/30_033 Bowers Row FarmGreenWilliam  
c1925/30_034 Bowers Row CottagesKendrewGeorgeand Phylis 
c1925/30_035 Bowers Row CottagesTaylorDanny  
c1925/30_036 Bowers Row CottagesSaundersMiss  
c1925/30_037 Bowers Row CottagesDewhirstJimmy  
c1925/30_038 Bowers Row CottagesBeaumont Professor taught singing 
c1925/30_039 Marled Earth FarmJackson Abraham,Johnny,Irvine,Leonard,Lucy 
c1925/30_040 Marled Earth FarmJones  From Alderbank
c1925/30_041 Marled Earth CottagesMiller   
c1925/30_042 Trap Inn & FarmCrowtherMarth  
c1925/30_043 Trap Inn & FarmBoothJoe  
c1925/30_044 Trap CottagesMorantDonald  
c1925/30_045 Trap CottagesElvidge   
c1925/30_046 Watergrove SwineyardStantonCissie  
c1925/30_047 Watergrove SwineyardJacksonJim  
c1925/30_048 Watergrove Swineyard (Back)SchofieldSam  
c1925/30_049 Watergrove Swineyard (Back)AllenTom  
c1925/30_050 Wooden BungalowWilsons   
c1925/30_051 Wooden BungalowHowarthHenry Member of Salvation Army
c1925/30_052 Watergrove Farm CottageGloverFred (Sheet Metal Worker from Castleton) weekend cottage
c1925/30_053 Watergrove Farm CottageJackson Abraham,Johnny,Irvine,LeonardLived formerly at Marled Earth
c1925/30_054 Watergrove Farm Cottages in FarmyardEllwood son Roy daughter Zena 
c1925/30_055 Watergrove Farm Cottages in FarmyardJacksonWilfrid brother to Abraham,Johnny,Irvine,Leonard 
c1925/30_056 Orchard InnHardmanDavid& Harold 
c1925/30_057 Orchard InnToddBobby  
c1925/30_058 Orchard InnBlackburnKershaw  
c1925/30_059 Orchard InnJacksonJim  
c1925/30_060459Ramsden RdBridgeMrs  
c1925/30_061459Ramsden RdHalsteadJack  
c1925/30_062461Ramsden RdDonnettHarry  
c1925/30_063463Ramsden Rd Jake The pie man, went round shops with pies in 2 baskets
c1925/30_064463Ramsden RdGraysonMrs used as a shop
c1925/30_065465Ramsden RdCook   
c1925/30_066467Ramsden RdLanyonHerbert  
c1925/30_067 United Methodists Church    
c1925/30_068469Ramsden RdLordMichael  
c1925/30_069471Ramsden RdHillMrsWife of Thomas Hill creator of Hill charity. 
c1925/30_070 Littletown CottagesSchofieldHarold  
c1925/30_071 Littletown CottagesWalkerAlfred  
c1925/30_072 Littletown CottagesSteelJack  
c1925/30_073 Littletown FarmCrossleyJacksonEmily Jacksons sister and daughter Laura 
c1925/30_074 Littletown FarmSteelJim  
c1925/30_075 Walkden Hey FarmJenkinsonDick  
c1925/30_076 Walkden Hey FarmJacksonJim  
c1925/30_077 Walkden Hey FarmAppletonErnest  
c1925/30_078 Walkden Hey FarmDriscollHarry  
c1925/30_079 Steward Barn FarmCrossleyJames  
c1925/30_080 Steward Barn FarmJacksonJim  
c1925/30_081 Steward Barn FarmBrown  Used as a shop,had a piebald pony & governor cart
c1925/30_082 Lower Slack FarmHowarthJack known as midnight milkman
c1925/30_083 Lower Slack FarmLordMichael took milk with horse and float
c1925/30_084 Higher Slack Farm JacksonWilliam ran coal mine
c1925/30_085 Higher Slack Farm CottageJacksonJim ran the farm took milk into Rochdale