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We kept a few hens in a cabin near the Orchard Inn. One night some hens were stolen and a note left in the cabin said “Take the hens to fed the poor leave the cock to breed some more”.

I remember Zeppelins coming over in the First World War. I lived at Higher Slack in those days.

I remember an airship breaking loose from its moorings in Wales, passing over Watergrove and coming down in Wakefield. I think it had two people on it.

I remember hearing trams passing up and down Whitworth valley on a quiet night at Watergrove. Also, sounds used to echo a lot at Watergrove. I think being between two valleys at Watergrove had something to do with this.

I have also heard it said a farmer could not keep a bull to any age owing to the echo of its sound coming back and sending it mad.