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Situation and
Tenancy Title Status Date Year
1939c_001824   Workshop WatergroveWorkshop    
1939c_002825/8   Thimble Hall FarmCrossleyJLeftOct1939
1939c_003  104 Thimble Hall FarmCrossleyMrs   
1939c_004  106 Thimble Hall Cottages  Empty  
1939c_0051003  453Ramsden Rd  LeftJun-131936
1939c_006  243453Ramsden Rd BkHudsonT.C   
1939c_0071007  8Ramsden Rd Bk  LeftMay-241936
1939c_008  2468Ramsden Rd Bk(Bk Orchard Inn)ApplegarthH.   
1939c_0091008  6Ramsden Rd Bk  LeftJan-151937
1939c_010  2456Ramsden Rd Bk(Bk Orchard Inn)AllenT.   
1939c_0111010  455Ramsden Rd(Orchard Inn)  LeftOct-171936
1939c_012  247455Ramsden Rd(Orchard Inn)StottJ   
1939c_0131011  459Ramsden Rd  LeftNov-141936
1939c_014  248459Ramsden Rd BkHalsteadJ   
1939c_0151012  463Ramsden Rd  Empty  
1939c_016  250463Ramsden RdGrayson (shop)Mrs   
1939c_0171013  469Ramsden Rd  Empty  
1939c_0181016  469Ramsden Rd Bk  LeftJan-151937
1939c_0191014  471Ramsden Rd  Empty  
1939c_0201015  473Ramsden Rd  Empty  
1939c_0211017  473Ramsden Rd Bk  Empty  
1939c_0221018  1Bowers Row  Empty  
1939c_023 266 1Bowers Row  Empty  
1939c_0241019  3Bowers Row  LeftSep-121936
1939c_025 267 3Bowers RowMilliganD   
1939c_0261020  5Bowers Row  LeftMay-021936
1939c_027 268 5Bowers RowCresswickS   
1939c_0281021  7Bowers Row  LeftApr-181936
1939c_029 269 7Bowers RowWhitworthA   
1939c_0301022  9Bowers Row  LeftSep-261936
1939c_031 270 9Bowers RowFielding (Rent Free)J   
1939c_0321023  11Bowers Row  LeftSep-051936
1939c_033 271 11Bowers RowBirbeck.W   
1939c_0341024  13Bowers Row  Empty  
1939c_035 272 13Bowers Row  EmptyDec-051934
1939c_0361027  2Further Marl'd Earth  Empty  
1939c_037 279 2Further Marl'd EarthSheridanH.   
1939c_0381028  4Further Marl'd Earth  Empty  
1939c_039 277 4Further Marl'd Earth  Empty  
1939c_0401029  6Further Marl'd Earth  LeftMay-021936
1939c_041 279 6Further Marl'd EarthGreenW   
1939c_0421033  2LittletownSchofield    
1939c_043 282 2LittletownSchofieldH.   
1939c_0441035  4Littletown  Empty  
1939c_045 283 4Littletown  Empty  
1939c_0461036  501Ramsden Rd  LeftOct-311936
1939c_0471050   Higher Slack FarmRichardson (Rent Free)    
1939c_048  18 Higher Slack FarmRichardson (Rent Free)W   
1939c_0491082/4   Lee Farm  Empty  
1939c_050  57 Lee FarmSunderlandJ   
1939c_0511102/4   Alderbank FarmUsed as Canteen    
1939c_052  175 Alderbank FarmWorkshop, R.C.W.W    
1939c_0531107/9   Lower House FarmMillsMiss D.ALeftJan-151937
1939c_054  211 Lower House Farm  Empty  
1939c_055 997 337aRamsden RdWoollenJ   
1939c_056 998 337Ramsden RdShandW   
1939c_057 999 339Ramsden Rd  Empty  
1939c_058 822  Wood Erection Watergrove     
1939c_059 658  Higher Crook House, Buildings & Land  EmptySep-261936
1939c_060  124 Higher Crook FarmKilpatrick ( Not purchased)F   
1939c_061  128 Crook Farm  DemolishedMarch1935
1939c_062 3309  Green Wells Farm  Empty over 12 months  
1939c_063 3312  Hall Heys Farm  Empty over 12 months  
1939c_064 3315  Long Clough Top Farm  Empty over 12 months  
1939c_065 258 2Ramsden Rd BkHillMrs   
1939c_066 259 4Ramsden Rd BkHillMrs   
1939c_067  3 Hades Hill End Farm  Demolished  
1939c_068  29 Higher Hades Farm  Demolished  
1939c_069  35 Meadow Nook Farm  Demolished  
1939c_070  38 Lower Hades Farm  Demolished  
1939c_071  46 Hades Farm  DemolishedOctober1934
1939c_072  61 Crey Pastures  DemolishedJanuary1935
1939c_073  66 Broad Ing Farm  ?  
1939c_074  80 Heys Farm  DemolishedMarch1935
1939c_075  86 Steward Barn Farm  DemolishedJanuary1935
1939c_076  131 Scotch Cote Farm  DemolishedMarch1935
1939c_077  159 High Wardle Farm  EmptyMar-301935
1939c_078  155 Brown Wardle Farm  EmptyMar-301935
1939c_079  163 Green Roads Farm  Demolished  
1939c_080  208 Further Alderbank  Demolished  
1939c_081  222 Trap FarmShandW   
1939c_082  243 Watergrove FarmJacksonA   
1939c_083  276 Marl'd Earth Farm  Empty  
1939c_084  311 Lower Dobbin Farm  Demolished  
1939c_085  324 Hills Farm  DemolishedMarch1935
1939c_086  51 Middle Hill FarmBoy Scouts (Rent Free)    
1939c_087  90 Lower Slack Farm  Demolished  
1939c_088  145 Roads Farm  DemolishedMarch1935
1939c_089  285 Littletown FarmCrossleyJackson   
1939c_090  306 Hey Farm  Demolished  
1939c_091  314 Hey Farm  Demolished  
1939c_092  318 Bank Hey Farm  Demolished