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St. John’s School
Early 20th Century
Heybrook to Smallbridge
Ann Butterworth has contributed these photos, taken from her house on Halifax Road:
The two photos of my back garden have 1955 written on the back, which would be about right. They were taken from the back bedroom window of 237 Halifax Road (the pre-war semis) by my brother Leslie Butterworth (now 73). One has my mother Martha sitting in the garden. In the distance are Eclipse Mill, Park Mill and Buckley Mill (left to right).

The two taken looking down Halifax Road and of the school are probably from about the same time. Again, they were taken by my brother from the front and side (bay) bedroom window of the above house. He doesn’t remember a specific reason for taking them.

The photo taken in the yard of Halifax Road School is from about 1945/46. The children were dressed for a pageant at the school. My brother Leslie is third from the left, dressed as a soldier. I do not know the names of the other children at this point.