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Our video recordings are listed here but aren’t yet converted to a format small enough to publish on the internet
(here or on YouTube). If you have a particular interest and would like a copy of a recording, please contact us.

There is some duplication. When time permits, we shall identify
recordings better and remove any duplicates which are of poorer quality.

Our concern at present is to ensure that the original VHS and DVD recordings
are converted to a modern format (easier to watch and to backup).
File name Size
 1960-80 Frank Horrock’s 8mm film.mp4  642Mb 
 1960s Smallbridge redevelopment, 1974 carnival float - 1.mp4  77Mb 
 1960s Smallbridge redevelopment, 1974 carnival float - 2.mp4  71Mb 
 1960s Smallbridge redevelopment, 1974 carnival float - 3.mp4  25Mb 
 1960s Smallbridge redevelopment, 1974 carnival float.mp4  59Mb 
 1974 Rochdale Carnival.mp4  113Mb 
 1980s (approx.) Eddie Klejdys blacksmith at Whitworth Quarry Forge (filmed by his son Eddie).mp4  173Mb 
 1983 Wardle Carnival.mp4  180Mb 
 1983 Wardle Gala.mp4  127Mb 
 1984 (approx.) BBC - Tom Miller - Wheelwright.mp4  233Mb 
 1984 Wardle Carnival.mp4  63Mb 
 1986 St. James’ nativity play.mp4  170Mb 
 1990 St James’ Church, Wardle.mp4  294Mb 
 1990 St. James’ School - Christmas play.mp4  590Mb 
 1991 St. James’ School - Jack Frost.mp4  455Mb 
 1991 St. James’ School Maypole.mp4  280Mb 
 1991_07_06 St. James’ CofE School choir, recorder group at Gracie Fields Theatre.mp4  166Mb 
 1992 Christmas St. James’ School - The Christmas Dragon.mp4  561Mb 
 1992_07_09 St. James’ - musical evening.mp4  605Mb 
 1993_07_08 St. James’ School - musical evening.mp4  584Mb 
 1993_12_09 St. James’ School - Nativity play.mp4  548Mb 
 1994_06_24 St. James’ School Band at Wardle High.mp4  356Mb 
 1994_06_24 St. James’ Summer Band Concert.mp4  147Mb 
 2003 BBC Grand Designs - ’The Woodman’s Cottage’ (West Sussex).mp4  60Mb 
 2003_10 BBC King Cotton.mp4  189Mb 
 2005_12_28 Channel 4 - Watergrove, Hollingworth Lake.mp4  53Mb 
 2008_01 Home from Home.mp4  329Mb 
 Frank Horrock’s films.mp4  705Mb 
 Margaret and Roman.mp4  3696Mb 
 Wardle Pace Eggers.mp4  10Mb